Energy & Utilities

Panasonic is helping to power the Green Revolution

Microgrids. High efficiency solar panels. Energy storage systems. Sustainable Smart Towns. In so many ways, Panasonic technology is helping to drive the green revolution forward. While many people recognize Panasonic as a world leader in consumer electronics products, the fact that we are a leading provider of solutions for business is a lesser known fact. But it’s true nonetheless.

We make the batteries for the world’s most advanced electric vehicles. We have provided custom solar and energy management solutions for a host of high profile venues, college campuses and municipalities, including Sonoma Raceway in California, where our solar energy solution provides almost half of the energy requirements for the world-renowned speedway.

Of course, there’s much more. Like electric vehicle charging stations. Smart LED street lamps and solar canopies. Smart network ops centers and intelligent power meters for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings …

From the very beginning, Panasonic has been dedicated to improving people’s lives and making the world a better place. Our smart and sustainable technologies are the latest manifestation of this 100 year old commitment.