Predictive. Adaptive. Responsive. That’s Life in the Big City … Now.

Here and NOW

You round a corner and the streetlights brighten to illuminate your path, where just a moment ago they were considerably dimmer to conserve energy. You turn into the parking lot of a crowded shopping mall and your vehicle’s in-dash system automatically tells you where there’s an available parking space. You approach the subway platform and an alert pops up on your smartphone telling you the arrival time of the next train … these are just a few of the benefits of responsive city infrastructure, a key component to Panasonic’s CityNOW world, where technology and real-time data work together to predict, adapt and respond to people’s needs.

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These days, we’re surrounded by smart, connected devices. Not only in our pockets, wearable devices and homes, but also in the cameras, street lights, and digital screens downtown, in the shops and airports and stadiums we visit. Panasonic’s vision of intelligent technology connects and binds these smart devices and empowers them with real-time analytics fed by constantly streaming data, allowing them to respond to real world events as they occur.

The benefits to individuals are obvious, but there are also considerable advantages for cities and municipalities. Enhanced security, more efficient deployment of resources like snow-removal and waste management. Reduced energy consumption and lower costs realized through renewable energy systems and advanced energy storage solutions. Reserve energy directed where it’s needed during power outages. Advance warning and efficient response to weather events. And much more.

According to Jeffrey Siegel, VP of Marketing for Panasonic’s Enterprise Solutions Company, the Panasonic CityNOW world is the culmination and further realization of the company’s mission, and the Founder’s vision: to improve the quality of people’s lives and make the world a better place. A vision of technology developed in the service of helping people live safer, healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives.

Creative. Practical. ENGAGED.

While it may seem somewhat counterintuitive, given the potential for CityNOW solutions to dramatically transform the lives of people in a given community, the approach that Panasonic takes to working with both public and private enterprises is to balance creativity and vision with a practical, strategic approach. Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic’s Enterprise Solutions Company, cites the breadth of the company’s technological capabilities, coupled with the wealth of experience from across all of their different divisions as the reason Panasonic is uniquely positioned to deliver a holistic, custom solution that helps both cities and private enterprises meet their specific smart and sustainability goals.


He goes on to say that Panasonic doesn’t push a pre-determined set of products, technologies and solutions, but rather engages with clients to fully understand their unique needs, challenges and budget constraints, and is able to creatively develop a custom solution in each case. “The truly exciting thing,” says Doyle, “is that these technologies are real. They’re here. They’re now. And the sky’s the limit for how much we’ll be able to make things better for people with our CityNOW Smart City vision.”