Transportation & City Services

Helping people find their way

Panasonic wayfinding kiosks are helping transit hub commuters, students on campuses and passers-by in public squares to get up to the minute information and directions to where they need to go. In turn, these devices are being fed by high-density Wi-Fi systems with access to real-time data and analytics. This is just one aspect of our CityNOW vision: delivering information and services to people at precisely the right moment.

We’re also helping cities provide a safer, more comfortable experience for tourists and commuters thanks to our transit security and digital signage solutions. We’re even helping to better light the way with our smart street lamps.

CityNOW is Panasonic’s vision of intelligent technology connecting and binding the ubiquitous smart devices around us, empowering them with real-time analytics fed by constantly streaming data, allowing them to respond to real world events as they occur. We believe the resulting transformation in the quality of life for both citizens and municipalities will be enormous. Enhanced security and more efficient deployment of resources. Reduced energy consumption and lower costs realized through renewable energy systems and advanced energy storage solutions. CityNOW: helping people live safer, healthier, more convenient and more energy efficient lives.